Inspired diversions for enthusiasts and collectors


Entertaining, interactive options for those beginning their wine journey

pre-set and customized packages


• Fun, informative, unintimidating options for those with limited or no wine knowledge

• Distinct encounters and select tastings for the more experienced 



Wine tasting is a very personal endeavor. Everyone has a unique palate. The enjoyment of a well-planned and executed visit to Temecula won’t be predicated solely on impressions about the wine.


The opportunities for engagement with interesting personalities during a visit, the nuances of wineries and various components of the day, the level of personal service encountered, and the quality of food. These are other very important factors that will ultimately define one’s perceptions.

We pledge to do everything to exceed your expectations.


For the enthusiast and collector

For the novice and less wine savvy


Destination Temecula hosts


Regardless of the number of participants, we can provide an informative, fun, attentive guide to join your experience through the Temecula Valley. Sharing the fascinating story of Temecula, the area’s culture of wine, and answering questions, we further personalize the visit as our guests are escorted on property at each winery for their pre-arranged tastings.


Delectable Wine and Food Pairing


What’s the deal with pairing wine and food?

De-mystify the process with a delicious culinary experience as a very approachable, knowledgeable winery host leads you through a sampling of wines with one or two bite food items specifically paired with each wine tasted. The reasoning for each pairing is offered and discussed. A mouth watering, eye opening adventure!


Step up this culinary pairing with a very exclusive meal served to you by one of the affable, passionate chefs we work with. They introduce each course by sharing pairing philosophies in an easily digested (pun intended),  lighthearted and logical fashion!



Escape the crowds at the large wineries and those whose focus is the palates of the general public. Let us arrange an authentic, unpretentious experience for you, one that only a savvy, connected visitor would uncover. There are treasures to be found off the beaten path!


Options are customized for each client. A vehicle and driver is dedicated to you, with departures available from any Southern California location.


Some select Temecula possibilities


  • An exclusive vertical tasting can be arranged and personally hosted by a Temecula pioneer winery owner/wine maker featuring library wines inventoried over the years. Few Temecula vintners maintain sufficient quality inventory to be able to offer this opportunity.


  • Sit on the relaxing veranda of a boutique winery owner’s hilltop home, a view of vineyards, avocado, citrus groves and open space in the distance. Savor a private tasting the owners personally conduct as you chat with them, different cheeses paired with the vintages you sample.


  • Are there certain varietals you seek for expansion of your collection? Wine tasting is, of course, such a subjective endeavor, and no one truly knows another’s palate. We arrange visits with area vintners at wineries large and small, who have created a deserved reputation for meticulous attention to detail in the crafting of their wines.


  • There are certain wine makers whose cultivation practices result in smaller yield, higher quality grape harvests with wine making techniques that lead to more consistent, refined finished products in very limited quantities. A day can be arranged focusing on these craft vintners.


  • Winery tours? Been there, done that. Want something different? How about a passionate, free-wheeling encounter with an affable wine maker who can never talk enough about the craft? We are fortunate to work with wine makers who love to host our guests for private tastings and property walks. They can be friendly, funny, witty and speak to the most technical minutiae of viticulture and enology, or take a complex concept, presenting it in an easily understood, dignified manner for the uninitiated.


  • A private vineyard and production area tour is highlighted by tastes straight from the tanks. This fun, informative walk fosters engagement about grape growing, vineyard management and wine making techniques. From July to October, stand in a vineyard, taste a grape straight off the cluster, then taste prior year’s vintages made with grapes picked from those exact vines!



Options are customized for each client. A vehicle and driver is dedicated to you, with departures available from any Southern California location.


Private excursions

Nothing to be intimidated by!


Our inclusive packages are perfect opportunities for those who are not familiar with where to go and what to do on a wine tasting excursion. We arrange your entire visit, matching you with appropriate wineries that you will enjoy, providing those who wish the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of wine, and ensuring a satisfying, memorable day for all who participate.


Try wine fun 101!

See, swirl, smell, sip and savor


We’ll introduce you to a wonderfully affable, down to earth wine enthusiast who walks you through an unpretentious, enjoyable and informative session learning helpful basics from how to hold the glass to the five S’s of wine tasting, interspersed with quirks, nuances and factoids specific to the culture of wine.


Tour a vineyard and winery production area

So that’s how…and this is why…


See the inner workings of a winery and learn about the equipment and processes used to create wine during a fun, information packed experience. You’ll be guided from vine to bottle, starting in the vineyard, continuing in the production area and finishing in the barrel room. What is a bladder press? How does a de-stemmer work? Why are some wines aged in barrels and others aren’t? You’ll soon enough know!



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